Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why we care about Monetary System change

There is a lot of information pouring out everywhere concerning this idea of a global currency reset. The goal here is to monitor media sources (mainstream and credible alternative media) for news on this topic. We will attempt to sort through all the variety of news and post here only items we feel are credible enough to be worth reading. Posting it here does not mean we agreee or disagree. It means we feel the source and the content of the information is good enough to get on here. 

We do think major change is coming, but do not claim any ability to predict timing  or exactly what form the change will take. Right now official sources such as the IMF, the FED, etc are not giving any indication that anything substantial is imminent. But we do see credible sources reporting a lot of news related to this topic that could be significant such as the statements by China, small hints at the IMF etc. Some think change could be coming this year. Some think over several years.

Our intent is to follow this topic to conclusion one way or another. A major global currency change will impact everyone so we think this is the most important issue to keep track of. It will impact the whole financial system, precious metals prices, real estate, inflation, interest rates, etc. If it happens, it will be important to try and see signals ahead of time if possible. We'll keep an eye out here and post anything we think might be important.

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