Monday, April 7, 2014

As we head towards the next G20 Meeting

Things ought to be interesting at this coming G20 meeting. There are a number or articles suggesting that the US, Russia, and China are moving farther apart rather than closer together. Below are links to several articles which show that there seems to be a lot of manuvering and positioning taking place on several possible points of conflict. Time will tell if they are significant or not.

Here are the links:

Moscow, Beijing taking on the dollar

Russia prepares to attack the petrodollar

Hagel reaffirms US Strong Commitment to Protect Japan

Russia to back Iran in nuclear talks

If the US and the BRIC's are at odds on all these issues, forming a consensus at the IMF will be pretty hard to accomplish I would think. The BRIC nations issued an April deadline for progress on the IMF reforms. So far, no progress has been made. And there has been little news on this leading up to the April meeting. We will watch to see what happens.

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