Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Off topic, But worth reading

This is a little article I found posted on Yahoo News. This is clearly way off topic here but I do want to post it because I think I can make an application from it that does kind of relate to the topic we follow here.

This article could have been written by someone with a conservative political view or a liberal political view. It so happens this one is from a liberal who wants people on both sides to re-learn the art of treating each other with respect. While I prefer to leave my own political view out of this blog, I do agree with the tone of this article and how it relates to some of the events we are following here.

First I encourage you to read the article. After that here is my effort to apply it to what we follow here.

Our topic here is the potential for major monetary system change in the future. In covering this topic we strive to simply report what we see happening without trying to bias the reader as to whether what is happening is good or bad. We think each person should make those decisions for themselves.

While there are certainly major differences between people who are more inclined to trust government as a solution and those who are less inclined to do so, we think the first important task is to get the facts correct. It is impossible to have an intelligent discussion or friendly debate without accurate information. So we try very hard to provide that here as the starting point for each reader. That is our primary goal here.

After that, people will see things differently of course. Let's use the IMF and a new global reserve currency as an example. Some people will view the IMF as an important player needed to keep global financial stability. They may see a new monetary system using some kind of new reserve currency as a great thing that can be helpful to the world.

On the other side, there will be some who view global institutions like the IMF, World Bank, UN etc. as something bad. They will be concerned about entrusting and concentrating too much power in such global institutions. They may view a new global reserve currency as an effort to control the population on coerce people to conform to a "global consensus" that they may not share.

These divisions and deep feelings are very real and should be respected by all who want to be in the discussion. What we need in this world is a genuine effort to try and make the world a better place for everyone. We start off knowing we will never all agree, but we all have to live here together anyway. What we desparately need is for people from all sides of the debate to listen to each other with respect. There will always be some people with bad motives from all sides of the political spectrum. But I firmly believe most people just sincerely want a better world for their family and for other people too. 

We won't all agree on everything. But treating each other with kindness and respect and a true concern for others welfare can go a long ways to making a better world in our view.

Most people do not want a government entity so powerful it can coerce people to do bad things. History has demonstrated how awful that can be. So keep in mind that the conservative who has concerns about this has valid reasons to be concerned. Global institutions should work to be aware of this concern as well. After all, they are supposed to be in those positions to serve and help people rather than rule with an iron fist.

Also, most people don't want to see other people suffer and in need. So keep in mind that the liberal who feels something is wrong when he sees some elites making billions while other people live in poverty and desparate need has a valid reason to feel concern. Those feelings are very important to them.

The balancing trick is to try and find solutions that do the most good without concentrating too much power (which is where very bad things have happened in history). The more people of good will on either side of the political aisle that try to work together, the better shot we have at doing some good.

We don't have to agree on everything. We just need to care about others enough to at least listen, respect their views, and try to find solutions that can work best for both sides whenever possible. Perhaps the model provided by the US Founding Fathers would serve us well. They diffused power on purpose, but still allowed for ways to provide for the common good where it made sense to do so. They were not perfect, but they created one of the best governing concepts in history in our view.

But again, before any of this can happen, we all need factual accurate information to discuss. That is what we are dedicated to trying to provide here as best we can. And we encourage everyone to keep an open mind and listen to other points of view with respect.

Thank you to all our readers! We appreciate all your kind comments and support for the effort we are making here. Our hope is that we can make a small contribution by providing accurate information on these important events.

Whatever happens, we hope and pray it will make the world better for more people.

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