Saturday, August 16, 2014

Reader Response to Alternative Views Article

As I review that statistics for this blog I notice that every week there are new readers who visit the blog. About once a month I run an article called "What is the purpose of this blog?" to help readers get a feel for what we are trying to do. A couple of days ago we ran an article about alternative views that we discover while researching for articles to put on the blog here. One reader gave us their thoughts which we are pasting below because it provides a good opportunity to once again explain some of what we try to do here on this blog. Thanks for all the readers who visit and those who take time to comment and email us with their thoughts.

Reader Comment:

"These collective central planners can't even engineer control of smaller economies, much less pull off a coordinated theatrical monetary script that outpaces even the imaginations of Hollywood. It is entertaining to the conspiring mind however."

My reply:  

"So far the information I get does not indicate that we are watching a "scripted" performance. But I decided to go ahead and let readers see some of the various opinions out there. Over time readers can judge who gets things right most often which is one of the goals of the blog. Track various forecasts over time to see who is right more often than not. That is better than me trying to impose a view on the readers I think."

Reader reply: 

"You do a good job. Thanks for posting the alternative views. Even though I find them imaginative, it does show that some have contrary views."

My reply: 

"I will add that I do look for views that differ from the "conventional mainstream view" since readers can find that easily. Where I hope the blog provides a service is to expose readers to credible alternative views which they can compare over time to each other and the conventional mainstream view. It's the process I use for myself as the average person out here trying to understand the monetary system and how it impacts my family. So, hopefully, the same process can be useful to others like me. It just takes some time to sort through a lot of information which many people don't have so in that way the blog can be of service."


my added comments: 

I felt like the exchange above provided an opportunity to explain what I hope to do with this blog. The "mainstream" view of things is easily available and readers can find that on the mainstream media outlets. While I mostly select news and articles from mainstream sources, I try to select articles that are relevant to the idea that monetary system change is likely to happen in the future. The causes for such change are of course open to various points of view. I try to present the most credible views we can find that are in some ways alternative to the standard views we can find on mainstream media outlets. And I do note the standard views as well of course.

I don't think it is my role to say which views are right or wrong. I think a better approach is to present a variety of credible opinions and then continue to follow events over time. As events unfold, some views and opinions will prove out to be right more often than others. 

This is the process I try to use for my own family to assess what is most likely to happen with monetary system change. Because monetary system change impacts everyone, it is an important topic to be informed about. Change can be good or bad and only time will tell if coming changes will be good or bad. But whatever change takes place, the more informed people are, the better decisions they can make in their own personal financial planning. 

The goal here is to try and be a source of good information and present various credible interpretations of the information. We'll continue to try and provide this service so long as there is a need and the information is helpful to readers. And any reader input that helps us provide good information is greatly appreciated.

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