Friday, November 7, 2014

Ebola Update: US Students Abroad Talk about the Problem

We  have noted that Ebola does have the potential to impact both the global and US economy if it were to become widespread. This is because fear of the disease would cause a variety of reactions that would tend to inhibit the economy. People would travel less, eat out less, attend fewer public events, etc. If it got widespread enough in an area, schools could close and businesses might have to send workers home or even shut down for awhile.

So far however, this has not been a major problem. Here in Dallas the last of the quarantined health care workers came off the watch list today and Dallas is ebola free at this time. The problem did not have a significant impact on the local economy other than the hospital directly involved and a few restaurants in that area of town.

Meanwhile, there are still many students abroad in Africa and volunteer health care workers trying to fight the problem at the source in Africa. From this article it appears that most people in Africa are staying calm as well as the disease is still mostly contained in a relativey small area of the continent.

While ebola is a very deadly disease that should be taken very seriously, it appears that so far it is farily well contained and there are some courageous people dedicated to fighting it at the source. We wish them Godspeed in that fight.

Update:  Bentley came off the Ebola watch list too!

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