Wednesday, July 8, 2015

News Notes: Market problems andUpward Explosion in Precious Metals Buying

There is a lot of news out today that we cannot ignore since we know that the conditions for another crisis exist all the time. With the situation in Greece still unresolved, today the NYSE shut down for many hours and the market in China is also having problems. If this were not enough to get your attention, a provider of precious metals issued an alert today that buying for precious metals has exploded upwards moving premiums up sharply for them. Below are some quotes from that alert.

All of these events are of course significant and just illustrate how quickly conditions can change and why it is so important to stay informed daily.

Below is an update of the physical precious metals markets over the past 48 hours: 
90% premiums skyrocketed over the weekend after the Greek Referendum vote with availability nearly nill- wholesalers/distributors are now offering 90% silver in volume at up to $3 over spot, and supplies are rapidly vanishing
Just before noon Tuesday, the US Mint advised Authorized Primary Dealers it had SOLD OUT of all Silver Eagle coins, and would be taking no further orders until approximately August, at which point it would begin rationing coins to Authorized Dealers. 
Silver Eagle premiums instantly skyrocketed across the market, with premiums rising as high as $3.25 over spot/oz WHOLESALE / IN BULK
Between 4pm EST and 5pm EST on Tuesday 7/7, one of the largest Authorized Dealers sold through 250,000 Silver Eagles and raised premiums .50/oz further!
SDBullion broke all-time sales records Tuesday for order volume as well as total ounces sold- with demand FAR OUTPACING the Nov 5th 2014 bottom for gold and silver which had previously held both records.
Later in the afternoon, premiums began surging on Silver Maples and silver rounds and bars, and Authorized Dealers are advising that a production and premium hike announcement is expected imminently from the Royal Canadian Mint. 
Wholesale premiums on many silver rounds and 10 and 100 oz bars HAVE DOUBLED in 48 hours.  
SDBullion received a wholesale quote from one of the largest Authorized Dealers Wednesday for nearly $5/ozover spot for 5,000 oz of current year America The Beautiful Coins- a premium spike of over 100% in less than 24 hours! 
Tuesday, the Sunshine Mint rounds and bars went from immediately available to production completely sold through August 13th in under 4 hours!
In many cases, physical silver is now MORE EXPENSIVE to acquire (on both a wholesale as well as retail level) after a $1/oz paper smash than it was prior to this week’s trip down the proverbial mine-shaft!
Wednesday the shortage began to spread to GOLD products. . . . . 

Added note 7-10-15: Mike Maloney does this short video talking about the shortage of silver eagles.

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