Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Willem Middelkoop Talks about a Reset and More

Willem Middelkoop is a well respected analyst and author who wrote The Big Reset in 2013. In July 2014 he did an interview that covered a wide range of issues. In the interview he talks about his view that we will see a reset in the monetary system. Mr. Middelkoop thinks this reset is likely to evolve gradually over time rather than suddenly. While the interview is over a year old, this view fits very well with how things have been unfolding. The topics discussed are still very relevant. This is an excellent interview and readers here should enjoy hearing it.



Willem Middelkoop is also on the Advisory Board of the OMFIF which we cite here from time to time. You can follow him on Twitter here. We can add him to our list of credible analysts with an alternative view of the future of the monetary system. I recently obtained a copy of The Big Reset which I have now read and will talk about in another blog post.

Here is an interesting tidbit from the description for this book at the University of Chicago Press site linked just above:

"A system reset is imminent. Probably even before 2020, the world’s financial system will need to find a different anchor."               . . . . . 

"There are only two options: a financial reset planned well in advance, or a hastily implemented one on the back of a dollar crisis."

Please note how well this fits with the two big questions we are following here on the blog:

1) Will we get another major financial crisis worse than 2008?

2) Will the SDR used at the IMF some day become a global reserve currency?

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