Saturday, October 15, 2016

Willem Middelkoop Interview - China, SDR, Gold, Silver

Recently, Willem Middelkoop did an interview with Rory Hall of The Daily Coin. They covered a variety of topics that relate to what is discussed here. You can listen to the interview here or view it below.


Here is a recap of the interview from Rory Hall:

"I sat down with author of The Big Reset and a great many other books,Willem Middelkoop. Mr. Middelkoop, a highly respected voice on the SDR topic, gold and the global monetary system, explained how the changes that have taken place will not impact the current status quo for quiet some time. This sentiment is shared among the people that write the policies, institute the changes and determine the fate of our global monetary policy. 

While there have been several voices stating the contrary, at this time, I tend to agree with Willem’s analysis. Until the masses, around the world, unite and demand change the system will continue to plod along unless Deutsche Bank or one of the other too big to jail banks causes a major upheaval in the “markets”.

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