Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Humor & A More Serious Note

Since this blog is dedicated to avoiding any kind of political agenda, I will just offer a little election day humor below. I suspect most of us will be glad the election is over no matter who wins.


On a more serious note, CBS 60 minutes ran this segment on this past Sunday, It shows pretty clearly how divided the US is right now and how high emotions are running. This is why this blog does not promote any kind of political agenda. The problems we must deal with in the financial arena are serious and can certainly impact all of us regardless of our views. The hope here is that people will realize the importance of learning as much as possible, listening to various points of view, and trying to discuss our views with others in a respectful way. If we cannot do this as a nation, we will all eventually lose quite a bit.

Update 11-9-16: Comment on election results 

This election result with Donald Trump doing far better than most expected is not surprising to anyone who has much contact with the general public. The disenchantment with those running the present system was very clear. So, how might this impact what we watch for here?

The "surprise" results will most likely roil the markets somewhat. Whether that is just a temporary thing or the start of a more situation is what should be monitored. There are all kinds of theories out there as to how something like this might lead into a new major crisis. It's always possible, but for now we just need to monitor markets like stock markets and gold.

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