Friday, March 31, 2017

Eliminating the Political "Noise"

Since the US has become politicized at a somewhat extreme level now, we will try to avoid getting sucked into the seemingly endless "political noise" we see every day now. Political noise here means politicians and media proclaiming various positions simply to score political points. This has always gone on of course, but now it seems to be the dominant theme in the daily news cycles.

To give an example, let's take all the uproar over investigating the Trump Administration for ties to Russia vs. claims that Trump made that he was improperly place under surveillance during the recent campaign. All I see here is a lot of noise with both sides making all kinds of allegations, but providing no substantial evidence to the public supporting the allegations. This is beyond worthless to the public and the average person. Until someone is actually charged with a crime (and beyond that actually convicted) this is meaningless noise that has no impact of substance on the daily life of the average person. It is just politics as usual with the goal being to gain political advantage rather than to shed any useful truthful light on the situation. It is more of a diversion form real issues of substance than anything else.

In covering the potential for real and substantial monetary system change, we will try to avoid that kind of useless information and meaningless political noise. It's pretty much a waste of time and provides no information that can actually be used to make personal decisions. When we see evidence that a change of real substance that could actually impact the daily life of the average person is on the table (like the replacement of the US dollar by the SDR or a return to some kind of hard anchor like gold to the monetary system), that will get our attention here. The rest is just noise in our view here. We will continue to watch for such real potential change that might really impact people. So far, there is nothing that indicates it is on the near horizon even though the conditions for such potential change do exist.

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