Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sorry for lag in posts

I have picked up a flu that has had me down the past few days and will probably continue for a couple more.

I will resume posting as soon as I am feeling well again. Sorry for the delay. Fortunately, we are somewhat in waiting mode until the G20 meeting in April anyway.

If I see anything that seems urgent I will certainly try to put up an article on it.


  1. I check your post everyday. take care.

  2. Have you read the book "The Kyoto List" by Michael Koyama? The book is published in 2010.
    Amazingly, much of the events unfolded in the book is quite similar to what LW has said.
    some of it in chronological order;
    (i) price of gold collapsed before dollar is attacked.
    (ii) dollar was attacked on Feb 2014 and was devalued by 30%, mainly against Euro and Yen. (within LW's 90days window)
    (iii) Global economy in chaos. Unemployment, famine, suicide rate soars. US economy lacks growth and will likely be isolated.
    (iv) Sept 2015, IMF steps in for GCR, all currencies cannot fluctuate more than 2%. (LW:5%)
    (v) new reserved currency is IMF's SDR, RMB will be included. USD is just one of the currency in the basket, i.e losing reserved status.
    (vi) In exchange to the US's agreement on the GCR, a global 3Trillions fund will be provided for the US to help recovery.
    unfortunately, the role of gold in future is not mentioned.