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For New Readers - What is the Purpose of this Blog?

Once a month or so we welcome new readers to the blog. Our statistics are telling us we get a fair number of new readers regularly as this blog now has 36,000 page views in its history since it began early this year. A question new readers may ask is: What is the purpose of this blog? We try to answer in the Q&A below:

Q: What prompted you to start this blog?

A: Around the first of this year there was a lot of "buzz" on the internet surrounding the idea of a coming "global currency reset". There were a lot of various credible sources using the term "reset" and talking about what that might mean. Many expected a "reset" to happen this year. So we decided to start this blog based on the idea that monetary system change is coming and follow the related news to see what happens.

Q: What do you mean by "global currency reset" or just the term "reset"?

A: What we mean here is major global monetary system change that results in the US dollar losing its status as sole global reserve currency. The kind of change that comes from a decision to rewrite the "rules of the game" as Jim Rickards puts it. We believe it will happen at some point so that is our bias here. We follow all news we can find that may relate to this coming change and try to present it on this blog.

Q: There are tons of sights that talk about this. Why read this blog?

A: True. This blog may not be needed by many people who already understand the issues we cover here. However, what we see is more and more new people interested in learning about this topic. As they see events take place where they live, they instinctively feel that some kind of major change is coming and want to learn more about it. We hope to provide a site here where they can find solid, credible information and point readers to what we think are some of the best sources of information to do more research for themselves

We might list our goals as follows:

-provide solid, credible information resource leads on coming monetary system change.

-sift through the large number of articles on this topic for readers who don't have time to do it themselves and present sort of a summary of relevant news and credible opinions.

-try to filter out sources we feel are lower credibility that may have an agenda if possible.

-be viewed as a credible free source of information that people know they can trust to deliver relevant news on this topic (this is hugely important to us).

-build an historical archive of solid information so that as new readers find this blog they can explore the historical posts (linked on the righthand side of the blog) to learn more about various aspects of this topic that interest them. There is a ton of free information there.

If we can accomplish the above, we have met our objectives here on this blog.

Q: How do you decide what articles and opinions to present on the blog?

A: Sometimes its hard to decide. For this blog I try to use mostly mainstream news sources and a few credible alternative media sites for news articles and opinions. This blog is directed towards the average person that may be new to this topic so I
try to use sources they can easily verify for themselves. I do follow less mainstream views (and there are many of them out there) myself. I won't present those views here because they are generally highly speculative in nature and rarely provide documentation sources that readers can verify. For example, a well known analyst who covers this topic constantly references "anonymous inside sources". Those sources may be great, but I have no way to verify them and neither would readers here.
So I follow those views in case they turn out to be right (if they do, I will cover them here). But I don't present information like that to readers here until the information proves itself over time to be credible.

Q: Doesn't everyone have an agenda or bias?

A: Frankly most do. It is human nature. We admit to one here. Our bias is that we believe that major monetary system change is coming and we post articles and information here that support that view. Where we hope to be different is by keeping an open mind on how and when this could happen. Or even that we could be wrong and the present system might hold on for much longer than we would expect. So readers here should be aware we are coming from this bias. We don't try to say if the change will be good or bad. We just try to watch for signs of it so people can be prepared and make better planning decisions.

Q: Why should anyone care? Why is this important to the average person?

A: We think this topic is very important because if major change takes place that causes the US dollar to lose reserve currency status it will impact everyone substantially. The dollar will sustain a large devaluation (the dollar will buy a lot less than it does now). Depending upon how the change takes place all kinds of existing investments, retirement plans, and even what we use for money could be significantly impacted. We think everyone should care how this might impact their lives and prepare as they see fit for their circumstances.

Q: So how will this change happen? And in what time frame?

A: We can't answer those questions because we don't know. The information that has been posted to this blog provides solid credible information that change is coming and, in fact, is already underway. The information here provides a variety of credible views on how and when this could happen such as:

-a slow and steady conversion on a global level leading to the IMF becoming a global central bank and using the SDR as a kind of new global reserve currency (slower drawn out process)

-a rapid change prompted by a major global "black swan" event that leads to a new global financial crisis. The IMF steps in as lender of last resort to solve the crisis by global consent (could happen at any time)

-an East/West split unfolds where the BRIC nations leave the existing global framework within the IMF and World Bank. They become a competitor and promote their own new system and currency or currencies to bypass the US dollar system (happening right now)

-change takes place in steps on a regional trial basis first which eventually leads over time to a new centralized global system that uses the most successful trials tested in various regions (happening right now)

-a sudden unexpected "black swan" event takes place that takes down the existing system in a chaotic way such that no centralized authority emerges. Instead change takes place by the world becoming very de-centralized and regional. A lot of competing currencies and trading blocs emerge. (could happen at any time)

We have presented solid credible evidence on this blog that any of the above could happen in the coming months and years. We think the more information readers have the better. We encourage readers to keep an open mind and stay informed as events unfold. 

Over time, for those who take the time to stay informed, it will become obvious which of the above scenarios is happening. Our job is to stay on top of events related to all the above and post them here as best we can. In our view, nothing is more important than being informed to deal with whatever does happen.

Q: Will you ever commercialize this site?

A: No. This site will always be free and will not even run ads so that readers can feel confident that there is no commercial interest behind any information presented here. We do not make income of any kind from this site and never will. We have no affiliations with any sites we link on this blog. 

Q: What is wrong with making money?

A: Nothing. We are a big supporter of free enterprise and find nothing wrong with any site that makes money using any legal means. However, it is important that readers at this blog feel confident that no information is presented here in an effort to lead them into buying something. We do not mean to promote an agenda here either. Just the facts as much as possible.

This will insure that our credibility is unquestioned. This blog is intended to be a free learning resource site for people new to these ideas and issues. Hopefully, they will feel comfortable sending others to this blog as well.

This blog is an effort to provide a public service just because it is the right thing to do. If we need good information for our own family decisions, surely others do too. Please invite others to visit. Any legitimate questions or comments are always welcome via our email: .  

In addition, relevant articles suggested by readers are very welcome. We have gotten many excellent tips this way and have met some great people who read this site. It has helped us in our own education on this important topic. We have some amazing readers here from all over the world!

A big thank you to all readers here!! Help us reach others if you feel the information here is of value! 

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