Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Klickex to Participate in G20 Meeting in Australia in September

We have been following Klickex on this blog for awhile. Last year they introduced a new concept for an asset backed cryptocurrency for use in both Central Banks and by individuals. It appears Klickex is making headway in gaining acceptance for its products as they will be attending an "invitation only" G20 meeting in September in Perth Australia.

The GPFI (Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion) is holding their annual Plenary and Forum in early September in Perth, Australia. Here is a link talking about that meeting that lists Klickex as one of the participating Fintech companies that will attend the invitation only meeting.

Below I have pasted in the article linked above with some additional comments below that:

Technology and Innovation for Financial Inclusion Expo
Date: 8/30/14
Location: Perth, Australia
Attendance by invitation only

Financial inclusion that promotes universal access to appropriate and affordable financial services is crucial to inclusive growth. Nevertheless, over half of the world's poor are un(der)banked and have limited or no access to formal financial services such as savings, loans, credit, insurance, or payments. This prevents them from taking full advantage of economic and educational opportunities, participating in business transactions, and sending and receiving remittances. At the same time, small and medium sized enterprises, an engine for growth and job creation, continue to face impediments, the major one being access to finance.
Therefore, the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion has made technologies and digital finance a key focus of its work. At its recent meeting in Hobart, Australia, 5-6 May 2014, the GPFI discussed new technologies and other innovations that promote financial inclusion in developing countries.

To support these GPFI efforts, the SME Finance Forum is organizing the Technology and Innovation for Inclusion Expo, in conjunction with the Annual GPFI Plenary and Forum 1-2 September 2014, to showcase some of the promising emerging technology solutions that have the potential to accelerate financial inclusion for households and businesses. This event will offer opportunities to fintechs and other participants to interact directly with G20 representatives and for the G20 representatives to gain exposure to the work of a select group of emerging technology companies.


Advanced Merchant Payments AMP's small business lending solution offers an efficient and scalable means by which banks can readily originate and manage a broad portfolio of small business loans.
CopSonic proposes a platform and contactless mobile payment technology which is compatible with 100% of the 7.2 billion mobile devices existing worldwide (5.6 billion feature phones + 1.6 billion smart phones).

KlickEx is an automated utility for high frequency immediate payments, in or between banks, consumers, or other actors in G20, OECD and G-77 currencies; serving capital mobility, regulatory compliance, mobile commerce, and financial inclusion at scale.

Mantis provides expert forecasting and risk quantification services in frontier and emerging markets.

Oxigen Services (India) Pvt Ltd was established in 2004 as India’s pioneering venture for a prepaid platform.

Quisk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that digitizes cash and partners with financial institutions and others to provide safe, simple, and secure financial services and cash-less transactions for anyone with a mobile phone number.

Ripple is a payment system that enables fast, secure, and virtually free transactions with no chargebacks to merchants.

Verde International offers a next-gen automated loan-underwriting optimization engine for customers, shareholders, regulators, dealers, and other stakeholders.

Added comments: So it looks like Klickex will be meeting with a lot of representatives from G20 nations at this conference. Here is a link to the agenda for the conference showing that Klickex will make a presentation at this meeting. The agenda provides this information about Klickex:

"Klickex is an automated utility for high frequency immediate payments—in or between banks, consumers, or other actors in G20, OECD and G-77 currencies—serving capital mobility, regulatory compliance, mobile commerce, and financial inclusion at scale. KlickEx’s pilot facility is currently ranked the most advanced inter-bank and mobile-money integrated real-time multi-currency ACH/RTGS network in Asia. Active across eight countries in the South Pacific, KlickEx’s mobile money deployment is ranked Asia’s number one penetrating and low cost Mobile FX platform by IFAD/UN/CGAP (GFR, 2013). The World Bank also ranks KlickEx as the top cross-border retail inter-bank remittance network in all served markets, and SWIFT recently named KlickEx as the top new financial services technology of 2013 at SIBOS in Dubai."

Here is a link to more information about the GPFI and some of its supporting partners.

We continue to believe that Klickex is well positioned to see its new GSD (Global Stability Dollar) product gain acceptance over time for use by Central Banks. We will continue to follow that story and watch for signs of use for the GSD. Also, we are advised that Klickex is working on the GSD at the request of banks who asked for it to help stabilize foreign currency markets.    

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