Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jim Rickards Infomercial - A Summary of his Views

We'll kick off September by providing a link to an infomercial that Jim Rickards has just done. It is a fairly in depth interview that summarizes his views. The interview emphasizes Rickards background and experience in working for US intelligence agencies who consult with him on forecasting possible future economic scenarios. 

Readers should know this is an infomercial designed to get the listener to purchase a package of materials Jim Rickards has produced which includes his new book The Death of Money. Normally I don't link to this type of promotional material because I am not in the business of selling anything here. For the record, I have no affiliation with Mr. Rickards or any of the published materials he offers. I don't have affiliations with anything I link to on this blog, period. Just to be clear, by affilations I mean an arrangement whereby I would receive compensation for linking to their product or service. By design, I receive no compensation of any kind from anyone related to articles I post on this blog. 

In this case I am providing the link because the free infomercial itself does provide quite a bit of useful information and some good charts and graphs Jim Rickards uses to make his points. It shows you how he backs up his opinions with factual data you can verify yourself which I think is important. And Rickards does obviously have connections with the US intelligence agencies which add credibility to his views in my opinion. Some, of course, take the view that Mr. Rickards may be a "disinformation agent" for those intelligence agencies. I disagree as noted in this article. But readers can decide for themselves.

For those who may want to get his book, this infomercial will end with a sales pitch that offers you his book plus some other materials for about $40. The book itself sells for about $20 on Amazon so the extra materials cost about $20. 

I did order this package for my own benefit in preparing articles for this blog. For those who like Jim Rickards and want to get his book anyway, you will probably feel like this package is worth the $40. I felt the price was appropriate for the materials offered.

It includes some additional material left out of his book and also his recommendations to people as to how to allocate their investments to prepare for what he thinks is coming. He also lists 7 "signposts" to watch for that will help let people know when the big changes might be about to take place. I will say that we have covered 5 of the 7 signposts here on this blog pretty extensively. He also adds a list of what he says are the safest banks and credit unions and the 10 safest cities in the US to weather an economic storm. Viewers can decide if they are interested in that information.

For those unable to afford it, you can find a lot of what is in this material right here in the archived articles on this blog. For example, a couple of the 7 signposts mentioned are to watch the price of gold and to watch for final approval of the IMF reforms. We have covered both of those topics extensively here (without realizing they were on his list).

But I have no problem saying that for those interested, the package of materials is worth $40 if you would like to have a comprehensive summary of Rickards forecasts and more detailed suggestions on how to prepare for the changes he sees coming. Regardless, the linked infomercial above is also a very good free overall summary of his forecasts and some of the data supporting his forecasts. He also provides some limited general comments on how to prepare.

I will add that we have Jim Rickards forecasts on record here and we will track them over time to see how well he hits them into next year. Right or wrong, we will report it here. If his forecasts prove to be accurate, then people need to be aware of them and make what preparations they can ahead of time. If he misses on his forecast, we need that information as well to assess the reliability of his future forecasts.

There are very few people who have connections "inside the system" who will discuss these issues in public. So we focus on people like Jim Rickards and Andrew Huszar here because they offer a credible alternative view to the conventional mainstream view for readers to consider.

Added note (1-01-2015): A question I get here regularly is how can people prepare for the upcoming change. On January 1, 2015 I wrote this blog article to address that question.

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