Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Off Topic: Undersea Vegetable Garden Experiment

Every now and then I run across interesting off topic articles while doing research for the blog. This is one of those positive stories that offers the idea that, despite problems and challenges the world faces, there are always creative people moving forward with new ideas that can possibly change things for the better. Here is a link to such a story that appeared recently on Fox News. Below are a few quotes.


Tough drought conditions in parts of the U.S. make growing fruits and vegetables an increasing challenge for farmers.
To tackle this widespread issue, a group of divers are leading a new venture to test whether farming underwater could be a viable alternative.
"Nemo’s Garden", a project started by the Italy-based Ocean Reef Group, has built small transparent balloons in the Mediterranean sea to test this idea. Inside the structures, developers installed a ring of vases with seeds to see how they would grow.  
One of the project’s managers, Luca Gamberini gave FoxNews.com a tour of his organization’s undersea garden.
“Three years ago, my dad thought ‘how can I make scuba divers have an interesting [job]’ … he put together two of his passions, scuba diving and gardening,” said Gamberini.   
He explained that a combination of necessity and “crazy ideas, mixed with relentless imagination soon became a real life experiment - from there, and from the success we achieved immediately we saw an opportunity to feed the world, especially regions where natural resources like soil, weather conditions, temperature conditions, parasites, lack of fresh water, are scarce or nonexistent.”
The project has partnered with World Expo 2015 in Milan. Their motto, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” has become an inspiration for “Nemo’s Garden”.


Added comment: 

For those interested in this idea here is a link to the website for the Nemos Garden project and below is a photo from that site that shows you what it looks like.

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