Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Matthew McBride and SDRF University

Last Friday evening I had the privilege of talking with Matthew McBride by skype. Matthew lives in Australia so I am grateful we have things like skype to make communication easier. Matthew, like many of us, has become interested in the issues related to potential monetary system change and what might happen in the future in that regard. He described to me what his vision is for SDRF University.

Below is a brief summary of our discussion and also a contact email address for anyone that might be interested in talking about his with Matthew. He is very friendly and wants to hear from others interested in this topic. 


Matthew has joined with Willem Middelkoop, Jared Collins, and Velina Tchakarova to form what he is calling SDRF University. Matthew feels that the SDR and the IMF use of it are topics that are not well covered in traditional university finance or economics courses. As the world deals with all the problems and issues existing in the present monetary system, Matthew feels there is a need for the public to be better informed on this very important topic. I certainly agree and try to help out with that here on the blog.

It's impossible in blog articles to go into depth on this subject however. Matthew has put together a full course (much as you might take in an actual university setting) that offers an in depth look at these issues. Matthew was kind to offer me a look at the course. I feel it is very well done and offers a very good in depth analysis for anyone interested. 

Right now there are not throngs of people seeking to learn more about the IMF and the SDR :-) Matthew and I both feel that could change if Jim Rickards forecast of another major financial crisis worse than 2008 does happen. Jim predicts that if we get such a crisis, the IMF will step forward and propose to solve the problem at the global level using the SDR. That would clearly lead to many more people wanting to learn more about this in order to have an informed opinion about it. People will need good sources of information and Matthew hopes SDRF University can help fill that need.

Matthew also has a lot of ideas on how to encourage people to dig in to this topic and discuss it with others who have similar interest. He would enjoy hearing from anyone that has interest in this. He also would like to hear ideas on how to encourage exchange of information between those who want to learn more and share their thoughts. You can contact Matthew at this email address directly if interested:

I will follow up on this from time to time as the idea moves forward and more information is available.

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