Sunday, August 16, 2015

Willem Middelkoop - The Big Reset

I was able to read The Big Reset written by Willem Middelkoop this week. This is an excellent read and I can surely recommend it to readers here. I was impressed while reading the book at how well it covered complex topics in a way that anyone could easily follow. It also takes on the tough questions readers want to know about.

The book talks about many of the issues we have covered here on the blog and I was happy to see that in many respects it confirmed many of the ideas and analysis we have presented here on the blog. Of course I can't go into detail on what the book says, but below  I listed the Chapter titles and a few interesting tidbits to give you a flavor of the book. 

Chapter 1 - This History of Money

Chapter 2 - Central Bankers

Chapter 3 - History of the Dollar

Chapter 4 - A Planet of Debt

Chapter 5 - The War on Gold

Chapter 6 - The Big Reset

The book is filled with all kinds of interesting history and tidbits of information and is well documented. Here are just a few examples to give you an idea:

- the first coined money came from China 

- public records indicate Dallas Federal Reserve Chief Richard Fisher has owned $1 million in gold in his portfolio  

- archaeological evidence indicates banking goes back at least 5,000 years 

- the first Central Bank began in 1609 in Amsterdam 

- want some background on the proposed "bancor" currency?  (see page 73)

- why did Europe agree to a US dollar based system in 1944? (see page 75)

- what is the only nation never to default on its debt? (it's not the US, see page 117)

- will the SDR become the new world currency?  (see page 173)


This book ties in perfectly to the two big questions we are following here on the blog:

1) Will we get another major financial crisis worse than 2008?

2) Will the SDR used at the IMF some day become a global reserve currency?

Willem Middelkoop provides his thoughts on these two questions and much more in The Big Reset. He is on the Advisory Board for the OMFIF. He obviously is well versed in the issues we cover here and is also well connected to others who follow these issues. We look forward to featuring public articles or interviews that he does here on the blog from time to time. 

If you are interested in purchasing The Big Reset, it is available on Amazon here. Here is a well written review of the book from a former UC Berkley Finance Professor.

Added note: I am advised that an updated revised version of The Big Reset will be coming out soon (in September I believe). 

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