Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jim Rickards: In Depth on the IMF and recent TV interviews

Below is a summary of topics covered in the most recent webinar with Jim Rickards. You can listen to the audio of the webinar here. Most of the questions centered around the IMF and gold. If you prefer, you can read a transcript of the interview here.

Further below are links to some recent TV interviews.


The Gold Chronicles: October 7, 2015 Interview with Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards, The Gold Chronicles October 2015:
*History of IMF, one of the big 3 Bretton Woods institutions
*The IMF has evolved into its most powerful role ever
*IMF is a functioning world Central Bank
*The Fed has in effect been operating in a 2 year tightening cycle
*China’s reserves are being consumed at a rate of $100B per month stabilizing the currency
*The Fed may easy by mid 2016. Available tools include: Forward guidance, Negative Interest Rates Policy (NIRP), Direct easing (Helicopter money), QE4
*Emerging markets debt crisis, $9.5 Trillion on emerging markets corporate debt denominated in USD
*IMF is warning about declining liquidity in the bond markets and is encouraging governments to take precautionary measures
*IMF: Bond market liquidity could dis-appear instantaneously
*Physical Gold in non-bank storage is one way to protect against what governments might do under conditions of seizing bond markets
*The IMF has a little less than 3000 tons of gold
*IMF gold assets are the third largest holding in the world according to the WGC
*19 Members of the Eurozone combined hold 19,000 tons
*IMF gold was contributed by members joining when it was originally formed
*IMF has not created SDR’s and purchased gold with it
*Gold price required to support world liquidity in this sense would have to be higher than $10,000 per troy oz
*What tools can investors use when it comes to gold in light of potential problems with liquidity
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