Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Willem Middelkoop: Update on the Status of a Reset

Willem Middelkoop just did a new video presentation in late September 2015. In this speech he provides an update on his latest findings related to a coming Big Reset which he has written about extensively. You can see this new video presentation below.


My added comments:

In this presentation Mr. Middelkoop repeats his belief that we will see a big reset of the current monetary system, but I did note that he also told the audience not to expect this reset to be one sudden event. Instead, he suggested the changes will take place "over the next 10 to 20 years."

This is consistent with other sources I have heard from as well. If the changes take place at that pace, most people will probably not notice them in their daily lives even though looking backwards in 10 years would see a lot of overall change.

Added note:  Willem Middelkoop tweet on this blog post:

Larry get's it: 'not to expect this reset to be one sudden event, will take place over the next 10 to 20 years.' -

Additional added comment (10-9-15): Readers should pay attention to this tweet from Mr. Middelkoop because he confirms that it's very possible that the events we talk about here on this blog might take years to unfold. It's one thing If I say that. It's much more significant when a source like Willem Middelkoop says it. And once again I will add that other sources I do hear from also tend to think in terms of a long time period for changes to unfold. 

That does not mean any of us are ruling out a crisis. That could always happen at any time as has been stated here many times because we have a highly interconnected system loaded with derivative contracts. The point is that if we do not get another major crisis event (or at least get one any time soon), the available evidence suggests that monetary system change is more likely to unfold over a longer time period in way less noticeable to the average person. 

That does not mean people should not stay alert and informed. It just means they should not be surprised if changes take place gradually instead of in a sudden event. 

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