Sunday, March 13, 2016

OT: Wounded Marine Veteran Speaks to Donald Trump

Readers here know that this blog does not promote any kind of political agenda so please do not take this off topic (OT) post as any kind of political statement or endorsement of Mr. Trump or any other political candidate running for office.

When I saw this recently on TV, I decided to post it here because it illustrates very powerfully what we were trying to say in this recent blog post. Below is a video clip where wounded US Marine veteran Tony Porta was given the opportunity to talk directly with candidate Donald Trump. First watch the video below, especially the last 30 seconds or so and listen carefully to what Mr. Porta says. Let me add my thanks to Mr. Porta for his service and sacrifice to the country.

Here is what Mr. Porta said at the end of the video:

During a special hour-long "Hannity" event, a wounded U.S. marine took Sean's seat so that he could deliver a special message to Donald Trump.
USMC Cpl. Tony Porta was wounded by an IED that killed two of his squad mates, and now he is the spokesperson for Veterans for Trump. His message to Mr. Trump:
"When you become president, I don't want you to work for those guys who are giving tons of money to a lot of people. I want you to work for us," Porta said.
This powerful sentiment is what is driving the massive voter discontent this year in the US. A lot of regular people simply think the system is being gamed by a small % of very wealthy people to their advantage. At this point, it really does not matter if that is a fair and accurate perception or not. It has become reality to millions of people. This is why we said in this recent blog article that if we get another major crisis like Jim Rickards and others are predicting we could see an explosive reaction by the public, especially if it were to come during an election year. Even more dangerous is the fact that many currently in charge seem to be in denial about the extent of the anger being expressed by those feeling left out. That needs to change very quickly.

Hopefully, we don't get another such crisis. But if we do, it's very questionable at this point as to whether the public will accept any kind of solution put forward by those running the system now. Millions simply do not trust them and this explains why Donald Trump (and Bernie Sanders) are resonating so well with voters. This recent CNN article also explains it well. Their supporters (along with many supporters of other candidates like Ted Cruz) don't agree on solutions, but do have similar feelings of distrust towards those running the system now.

I cannot stress enough that those in charge (or who want to be in charge) need to demonstrate clearly with both words and deeds that they care about the plight of the average person and will listen and take seriously their concerns. The public is in no mood to be further ignored or dismissed. If too many believe its happening yet again, the systemic risk to the whole system will go much higher and everyone will lose.

Added note: After writing this article the news of the violence at a Trump rally scheduled for Chicago broke. All this just continues to illustrate how much tension there is now just beneath the surface in the US. The point we are trying to make here is not who to be for or against in the elections. The point we are making here is that if we were to get another major financial crisis the potential for an unpredictable reaction from the public is very high and that could lead to some kind of major change in the monetary system which could also be very unpredictable. Let's hope any such crisis is avoided and that any change that might happen in the future improves things rather than makes them worse. This latest news also illustrates why people need to have a backup plan in mind in the event we do get another crisis in the future.

Added note 3-14-16: At the risk of over repeating the message, here is another article that says what we have tried to say here on the disconnect present in society. Here is a quote:

"When most Americans look at the federal government, all they see are years of failed policies that have made life harder for them and their families, and a political class that is well connected and uninterested in giving them a say in how to right the ship."

While this article focused on the political arena, I can add that this exact same intense feeling exists for many people in regards to those running the monetary system (central banks, the US Fed, IMF, etc). It may not be a fair situation, but it absolutely exists and the feeling is growing, not subsiding. I don't where all this is going, but I have seen it for some time while doing research for articles here. It's just now surfacing because it's an election year in the US I would assume.

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