Saturday, December 10, 2016

James Rickards vs Ann Pettitfor : The Future of the International Monetary System

Published on Dec 4, 2016London Debate, Nov. 30, 2016: Ann Pettitfor and Jim Rickards

The Future of the International Monetary System - Gold, SDRs, or More of the Same?

Below is the debate recently held in London between Jim Rickards and Ann Pettitfor. They discuss their views of the future for the global monetary system. Several readers requested to be made aware of this video when it became available.


Watch above or click here to view

Additional information on Jim can be found on his website: 
UK Link for The Road to Ruin:
For more information on Ann Pettitfor:

My added comments: This debate/discussion is a must watch for anyone who follows this blog or has any interest in this topic. Both presentations are well done and interesting. What struck me while watching this is how much both sides agree on -- and especially that we are likely headed towards a major crisis in the existing monetary system at some unknown point in the future. That is the main thing we are watching for here now, so to see both Jim Rickards and Ann Pettitfor say they think one is coming certainly gets our attention here. 

added note: A link to Jim's article on the prospects for a crisis during Trump's term will publish on 12-12-16 and we will feature this debate again in our Crisis Watch Update on 1-1-17.

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