Saturday, January 13, 2018

BIS - Household Debt and Financial Stability

I get a monthly email update from the Bank for International Settlements (pasted in below). This month it included a short video on the topic - Household debt and financial stability. It's mostly just some common sense analysis, but I did note that BIS felt the issue was important enough to do this brief video on it. See just below.


BIS Video - Houshold Debt and Financial Stability

Below I have pasted in the full email update for this month from the BIS

January 2018

Finalising Basel III

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has finalised post-crisis regulatory reforms to make banks more resilient and restore confidence in banking systems.

Basel III package finalised 

Watch highlights of the announcement of the Basel III reforms.

A paradoxical tightening?

The latest BIS Quarterly Review discusses the easing in global financial conditions despite tightening by some major central banks.

Household debt: recent developments and challenges

Economist Anna Zabai explains how high household debt could affect economic and financial stability.

Bank business models: popularity and performance

Bank business models under the spotlight: commercial banks show lower cost-to-income ratios and more stable return-on-equity than trading banks.
More BIS publications 

Publication: Stress testing principles 
The Basel Committee proposes new, streamlined principles for bank stress testing.

Working Paper: Why so low for so long? A long-term view of real interest rates
The usual explanations for the decline in real interest rates appear to be more coincidence than cause.

Working Paper: Triffin: dilemma or myth?
Setting the record straight about the dilemma posed by Robert Triffin and its application to current policy debates.


  • 10 Jan 2018: Claudio Borio speaks at the BIS-IMF-OECD conference on productivity in Paris, France
  • By 23 Jan 2018: BIS publishes international banking statistics
  • 25 Jan 2018: BIS publishes global liquidity indicators

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