Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Goal of this Blog

Lately traffic to this blog has picked up a lot mostly due to others who kindly linked to articles here on one topic or another. That means a lot of people are finding the blog for the first time. While I have pages to the right side of the blog that give some information and background about the blog, I wanted to do this brief post to explain as simply as I can what I am trying to do with the blog.

The goal of this blog is first and foremost to attempt to be a free public resource that presents information and expert opinions on issues that relate to the global monetary system and possible future changes to it.

This is a pretty complex topic for most of us. I, for one, appreciate any help I can get to understand the issues and how they might impact my family some day.

A secondary goal is to create an archive of information on this topic which does exist on the righthand side of the blog. The recently added page which lists various systemic risk warnings from the IMF and BIS over the past year is an example of this. It has been overwhelmingly popular due to a recent article written by Bill Holter (thank you) and people like Jim Rickards and Willem Middelkoop who placed links to it on their twitter feed (a thank you to them and all who re-tweeted it).

I have no interest here in trying to promote any political agenda or push my own fundamental world view. Of course I have one; but it serves no useful purpose here because my world view really doesn't matter in trying to provide helpful information to people. What does matter is that the information be as accurate as possible. When expert opinions are presented, it is important to present experts who are fact based, provide verifiable documentation, and offer a logical common sense analysis. Finding people who can do that in a way that most of us can actually follow/understand is harder to do than you might think.

Some of you might remember the old Larry King show on CNN. He was very good about having people with diverse views appear on his show and then giving them a chance to make their case without trying to inject his own views. So I guess this blog is sort of trying to be the Larry King of monetary system issue discussion. I will add that far less people are interested in this topic than they were in the Larry King Show :)

I try very hard to get the best factual information I can and present a variety of credible views. I hope this serves the reader.I believe it is the best way for this blog to approach things since I am not an expert myself and must rely on those who are.

Thanks for reading the blog and for all who have helped make people aware it exists. I'll do my best to stay true to the goals listed above.                                       Larry

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