Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why Should I Read this Blog Anyway?

Every now and then it's good to ask a question like this. We live in an era where there is somewhat of an information overload. There are more flavors of media available all over the world than ever before. There also is no shortage of experts to provide us their opinions on things and predict what they think will happen.

With all this information and opinion available, a very reasonable question for a reader to ask who happens to land here is :  Why Should I Read this Blog Anyway? 

It's a good question. Let's explore it. Below is a bullet point list for why you should consider reading this blog.


- the quality and the wide range of information presented here

There are many sources out there that cover the same topic and issues we cover here. There are many very good sources I will add. What I think makes this blog unique is the collection of quality information on a wide range of key issues related to potential monetary system change. The sources used here are easily verifiable for the reader and are recognized credible sources. Links are provided to the reader to be able to verify every source article used on this blog. We present direct links to important articles and speeches from those running the present system (such as the IMF, the BIS, etc). We present the credentials of those we feature who are skeptical of the IMF and Central Banks. We only feature those we feel use credible information sources that readers can easily verify. This is what we mean by the quality of information presented here. 

- a wide variety of credible opinions and views are presented

This blog is not on any kind of agenda so we are free to present a wide variety of views and opinions. We present the views of those who are skeptical of the current monetary system as well as the views of those who are running it. We try to present those views with as little editing or editorial comment as possible. When we do add commentary, we clearly label it as our own separate comments. The goal of this blog is to present quality information to readers from a variety of sources and views. We encourage readers to explore them further and decide for themselves what to believe. We don't don't try to tell them what to believe.

- we are not selling anything here or promoting any product or service

This blog is not designed to try and lead readers into buying any kind of product or service. We have no affiliations of any kind to anyone or any website we cover here. In addition, we are not paid by anyone to write blog posts here. All of the work done to produce the articles on this blog is donated time. The only way an article or opinion makes it on to this blog is if we believe it is quality information that will benefit the reader to consider. Since we are free from outside monetary pressure, that never factors in to any articles or opinions presented here. This is an important factor because obviously sites that are sponsored have an obligation to deliver a product or point of view favorable to the sponsor's interests. That does not mean there is anything wrong with that. It just means you have to factor in that relationship when reading the information presented on such sites and expect some bias. Of course this blog is free and always will be. There is no intent to ever convert to some kind of subscription service.

- this blog has built a very good archive of information over the past year and a half

One of the best features of this blog is the historical archive that has been built. On the right hand side of the blog is an archive of every article that has been posted here. It documents the various warnings that the IMF, the BIS, and others have issued about the global financial system. It documents the opinions of the experts we feature here so that readers can go back and see how accurate their forecasts have been. It also documents the investigative trail we have followed here on the blog to get to the point where we are today. It shows you why we have boiled everything down to two big questions:

1) Will we get another global financial crisis worse than 2008 as predicted by Jim Rickards, Nomi Prins, and others?

2) Will the SDR used at the IMF some day become a type of world currency that everyone can use?

We are convinced that the answers to these two questions will determine if we get major monetary system changes that impact us in our daily lives. Change that doesn't really impact us much is not all that important to cover. Change that can impact our daily lives is important to cover. We try to stay laser focused on that here.

- readers here are getting the benefit of some very high level and informed sources

This is kind of a hidden benefit of this blog. There are readers of this blog who are very informed and have very good sources of information. Some of them are kind to share this even though they prefer to remain anonymous. Readers here of course will recognize Jim Rickards and Nomi Prins since we feature them here extensively. They are very kind to share thoughts by email from time to time. They have also been kind to review articles written here from time to time and offer their insights or suggestions for improvement. They don't tell me what to write, they just generously donate time to look over the article to make sure the facts presented are accurate and that any quotes I use from them are correct. You don't get much better proofreading than that. Readers here get that benefit.

There are other generous high level sources who prefer to remain anonymous who do this same thing on other blog articles from time to time. It improves the quality of the articles and information presented here significantly and readers here get the benefit. I also hope it is some encouragement to readers that I can say without reservation that there are some very good people working inside the system who do care and want to make things work better for the average person. It's hard work, but they are working on it the best they can in a complex system where there are many diverse points of view.

All these sources donate their time and comments for free and it is very much appreciated here. A big thank you is certainly in order! 

Their input is also what has led us to identify the two questions above as the two most important to follow here for the average person. We think the best information sources in the world have pointed us in this direction.


The bullet points above are all good reasons to read this blog. The blog can serve you as kind of an executive summary of key issues and events that could some day impact your daily life. There is a ton of good information (and bad information) out there in the world. The difficult part is to sort through the mass of information to try and focus on the most important, the best quality, and the most relevant to the average person. That is what we try to do here for readers even while admitting we can't possibly catch everything.  

In that regard, we also welcome input from readers (from any point of view). Many readers here have provided excellent links to great articles that we would have missed otherwise. The goal here is to serve readers with quality information and focus on the key issues. Hopefully, we are doing that and readers are getting a benefit from it. Email response over time has been positive and indicates the information presented here is helpful to readers.

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