Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Note to Readers - Ending Daily Blog Articles Here

Monday I announced a decision to end daily articles here on the blog. If something important happens, I will cover it of course. A big thank you to all readers and especially the experts who helped me along the way here the past two years!

If you should want to contact me by email to ask a question or comment on anything on the blog please feel free to contact me at:      lonestarwhitehouse@gmail.com

Some fun facts about the blog:

There are now over 1,000 articles posted on the blog since it began in January 2014. My best guess is that represents around 700-800 hours of time writing the articles and perhaps 7,000 to 8,000 hours of research time to sort through articles and videos etc. to select for presentation. Time really does fly and it's actually been fun!

The blog has had nearly 250,000 page views with visitors coming from over 65 countries around the world. The articles that someone new to the topics covered here might find useful are found on the pages linked on the upper hand side of the blog and just below:

List of systemic risk warnings from IMF and BIS

List of articles on SDR's used at the IMF

Two part article on Bitcoin/Blockchain

Experts who have helped me by email include Dr. Warren Coats (former IMF), authors Jim Rickards and Willem Middelkoop, gold expert Jim Sinclair, one of the leading payment systems experts in the world and some others who asked me to keep their comments and names off the record (one would really surprise you, it certainly did me). A number of readers also sent me article links and helped me be aware of news I would otherwise have missed. Other sites carried articles posted here which helped those articles get tens of thousands of additional readers. All of that improved the quality and reach of the articles published here and I greatly appreciated the help!

Going forward I will produce an article if something I think is truly significant is happening such as a major crisis event or news that indicates real major monetary system change could be in the works. I am not talking about a recession or some interest rate tinkering by a central bank. Most people could not care less if the Fed raises or lowers interest rates by a quarter point or not. I am talking about real significant change that people would feel impact from in their daily lives. If nothing happens for weeks or months that fits that description, does it really make sense to produce an article every day just to have one posted? I decided it really does not.

I understand most readers here will probably lose interest when there is not regular new content available and the blog currently has its highest number of regular readers in its history. That's the downside to this decision. However, when I learned based on input from the sources I trust the most (very high credibility sources) that the truth is that we really are not likely to see much significant change in the monetary system any time soon without another major financial crisis, I felt an obligation to report that to readers. The truth (as best I can determine it) is what really matters, even if it is somewhat boring news that doesn't attract reader interest. 

I will add that there is a tremendous amount of hype and misinformation everywhere in media all the time which is what I tried to sort though for readers here as best I could. Please don't just accept everything you read no matter who the source is and test the accuracy of sources over time. Also consider if the source is trying to sell you something or has financial interests that might influence what they say, write or publish.

I would only encourage readers to stay informed and think about having a backup plan in mind in case we do some day get the major financial crisis many have predicted. It could happen next week or not for years for all I know. If it's years from now, we would both get tired of me posting an article every day just to fill the time :)

It's time for Bean to take a break. He did his best to keep a watch on things for us :)                                                       
                                                        Best wishes to all!

Added note 3-19-16: I have been asked why I now believe major monetary system change is unlikely to happen any time soon after writing about it for over two years. It's basically because over time I have discovered more and more evidence from a variety of very good sources to support that conclusion. To have integrity, I have to report what the evidence shows. I kind of investigated myself out of a purpose for my blog :)

I will publish an article around the end of this month (March 2016) that explains things in more detail. This is really what I have been writing now for quite some time anyway. Recently I got even more solid evidence which is why I made the decision to end daily coverage. It does not change what I have written here for awhile now that major change is unlikely to take place without a major crisis to create momentum for such change. It just makes it less urgent to produce some kind of daily article unless events change and a real major crisis does take place.

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