Monday, March 12, 2018

Jim Rickard Latest on Bitcoin, China and The Fed

Jim Rickards has release a flurry of articles recently on a variety of topics. Below are links to those articles with a selected excerpt from each one. Jim talks about new efforts to regulate Bitcoin, problems he sees coming from China and headed towards the US, and why the Fed wants inflation so badly.


Big Brother is Coming for Bitcoin

"Many advocates of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a na├»ve belief that their digital assets are “beyond the reach of governments,” “cannot be traced” and “cannot be frozen or seized.”  They’re beginning to learn otherwise."    full article

SEC Lowers the Boom on Bitcoin

"I’ve warned repeatedly that government regulators would be putting the squeeze on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Well, the noose just got tighter."   full article

China's Coming Meltdown will Spread to the US

"The coming credit crisis in China is no secret. China has $1 trillion or more in bad debts waiting to explode. These bad debts permeate the economy.

Some are incurred by Chinese provincial authorities trying to get around spending limitations imposed by Beijing. Some are straight commercial loans on bank balance sheets. Some are external dollar-denominated debts owed to foreign creditors. The most dangerous type of debt involves a daisy chain of insolvent corporations buying debt from each other."              full article

The Fed Must Have Inflation - Failure is Not an Option

"The Fed says incessantly that “price stability” is part of their dual mandate and they are committed to maintaining the purchasing power of the dollar. But the Fed has a funny definition of price stability.                 . . . . .

And how you construct the price index matters also. It’s an inexact science, but zero inflation seems like the right target. But the Fed target is 2%, not zero. If that sounds low, it’s not."                                    full article
Added note: Here another Bitcoin regulation article suggested to me by a reader:

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