Monday, November 16, 2015

Nomi Prins - The Present System will Come to an End - But When?

In this new interview with King World News Nomi Prins says that despite the fact that the present financial system continues to hold together, she thinks it is coming to an end. She gives a time frame for when she sees things unraveling. King World News does not allow quotes from their site so below a a bullet point summary of the interview.


- we are seeing small "unravelings" around the world even now

- the US is in denial about the true state of its economy

- the ECB is committed to even more QE going forward

- all the stimulus by central banks is creating the increasing market volatility

- despite central banks efforts the core of the system is not stable

- volatility will continue and increase as we move towards instability

- if things were really stable, the US Fed would have raised rates a long time ago

Finally, Nomi provides a time frame for when she thinks "all this will come to an end"

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