Friday, March 29, 2019

News Note: Dr. Warren Coats Receives Award for his Work in Capacity Building

Readers here know that we have featured some articles related to Dr. Warren Coats over the years. Dr. Coats had a long and distinguished career at the IMF and is widely recognized as an expert on both the SDR used at the IMF and also the fundamentals of building a functioning monetary system in nations where that has been needed for a variety of reasons. 

Recently, Dr. Coats received an award related to his efforts to help nations build functioning monetary systems and I wanted to congratulate him and pass the news along to readers here. Dr. Coats has spent a lot of time helping me in answering questions I have had from time to time and also in helping me learn about the issues I try to cover here. His help has been significant and very much appreciated here. Here is a link to Dr. Coats receiving the award and his acceptance speech.

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