Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Reader Note: Central Bank Gold Reserves Article Coming Soon

Many readers here have interest in both gold and also the gold reserves held by central banks around the world. Upcoming is an article that will feature a new global survey of central bank reserves. The co author of that survey, Robert Pringle, has kindly offered to give us his thoughts on three questions I see quite often on various media platforms. He answers these three questions for readers here:

1- Are you aware of any central bank in the world (including the PBOC in China) that is considering backing its currency with its gold reserves?

2- Are you aware of anything that would suggest the IMF is considering backing the SDR with gold reserves or any other asset based anchor?

3- In your opinion, how do you think central banks view gold and why do they hold gold reserves?

I think anyone who has interest in gold will have interest in Robert Pringle's answers to these questions. It is hard to get a lot of information on how central banks view gold and their gold reserves, so this survey and Robert Pringle's added comments can help shed some additional light on this topic.

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