Friday, February 12, 2021

Update Note - New Blog Created

There is nothing new to cover related to major potential monetary system change at this time. Bitcoin has made some news with its rise in price, but there is nothing to suggest that it will cause a major monetary system change. Monetary authorities are still mostly negative about Bitcoin and it's still not widely used for daily business transactions. There is some discussion of the IMF possibly issuing some new allocations of SDR''s, so we will see if that emerges over time and how big the allocation might be.

The recent news in the silver market caused me to create a new blog that is focused on tools and information for people who may be new to the gold and silver markets. It emphasizes silver since that metal could be a key to the future in terms of expanded silver use in green energy. This new blog is a bit more commercial since it covers gold and silver in terms of their role as investments as well. I have followed those markets now for years doing research for this blog, so I have a lot of resources and tools for analysis of gold and silver that I use myself. I just collected them all in one place on the new blog to make it easier for someone new wanting to learn about gold and silver. There has definitely been an upswing in interest in those markets recently. If you have interest in those markets, you can find the new blog at this link and this is a link to one of the first articles posted there.

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