Wednesday, January 22, 2014

China pegs the Yuan to Gold Contract

China is clearly steadily moving to get its currency setup to challenge the dollar going forward.

Here is a quote from the article linked above.

"China continues to not only liberalize and internationalize the gold market there; it is tying a new gold ‘spot’ contract to the Yuan. The new Yuan priced gold contract on the Shanghai gold exchange is a step towards a greater use of the Yuan internationally as foreigners who wish to buy this product must sell dollars to buy Yuan so they can buy this gold contract.

In this context we need to see how this contributes to the big picture of China’s arrival center stage in the world. China’s aim is eventually to stand alone without the dollar. How big is this story? In the past the developed world took 80% of global income. In the next six years this will drop to 35% with the emerging world taking 65%. The turbulence that accompanies this change favors gold."

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