Saturday, January 25, 2014

Klickex - The New IMF Approved Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin buzz is all around. So is the idea that some kind of global currency reset is in our future. Klickex enters stage left.

Debate rages over whether Bitcoin is the future. Hard asset proponents say Bitcoin is just another unbacked currency. No better than any other fiat currency. Bitcoin proponents say Bitcoin will thrive because of the way money can be moved without paying bank fees. 

Well, what if some powerful entities in the global financial structure have been quietly moving towards a digital currency unit that IS asset backed? Impossible?

Take a look at this video and see what you think:

Then take a look at this November 13, 2013 press release on Klickex:

An asset backed backed Cryptocurrency 2.0? But who is backing these guys?

Lets paste this in from the press release link above:

Key Investors: SWIFT, EU, AusAID, United Nations Capital Development Program (UNCDP/PFIP), HM NZ Treasury, Private Investors, Friends and Family & Management

Key Partnerships: SWIFT & The United Nations Capital Development Program

Some pretty heavy hitters there. And in the video they mention the IMF and World Bank are on board as well in complimenting their technology.

I think we better really keep an eye on this guy. An IMF approved asset backed version of Bitcoin already up and running at several banks in the Pacific?  A test run before it goes global?

And I have to wonder what assets are backing it?

editors note: I want add that Klickex is clearly not associated with Bitcoin. I would imagine that Klickex would consider its GSD a much superior form of digital currency for many reasons. We will keep an eye on this story going forward. I have a feeling Klickex may have a future worth following.

Update (1-27-14): for some added info go here.

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  1. It seems this post has stirred up quite a bit of interest. I am not sure what all this may point to in the future. My suggestion is to keep an eye on Klickex and any public news they put out in the future. It has me intrigued and some experts I view as credible seem to have varying opinions about it. Again, we'll keep an eye on on this blog going forward.