Friday, January 17, 2014

The Big Reset coming by 2020?

A new book titled "The Big Reset" has just been released by William Middlekoop (who has been called "the Dutch Jim Rickards"). This book lays out a very detailed plan to reset the world monetary system which Middlekoop says is coming by 2020. This link leads to an interview with Middlekoop worth reading on this topic:

Middlekoop sees a change coming in well planned stages that will first see the US dollar lose its status as world reserve currency against competing currencies. He then lays out the case for the IMF to introduce a new global reserve currency based on their SDR (Special Drawing Rights). He shows where leading international financial figures talk openly about how gold can be brought back into this new system in a new way to restore confidence in currencies that is being lost worldwide.

This information ties in very closely to what Rickards and other key US financial insiders have been predicting now for several years. But Middlekoop provides more detailed evidence that this plan is being carried out very intentionally over a period of years by world financial leaders.

Again, what we want to do is identify the signposts ahead of time showing that this reset is underway so that we can prepare ahead of time for it.

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