Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Banker Suicides/Deaths Mounting

I try to avoid topics like this (Banker deaths/suicides) because there is always so much speculation involved and most of the time it is impossible to really know if there is anything unusual or amiss involved.

But I have to admit that the string of these over the last few weeks is definitely unusual. I have no idea if these are all suicides or not. I have no idea if there is something those who have died were doing that was illegal and about to be exposed (as many sites are speculating). So I will just post several links to the story here and let readers form whatever opinion they want to.

If there is something tied to investigations into market manipulations, that is how this could relate to our blog theme here. Anyway, here are the links:








No matter what the facts are here, this kind of thing impacts people's perception of the financial system so it is relevant because it impacts confidence in the system.

Addendum 2-19-14: here is comment I got from a reader here related to this post:

"I also wonder why all of the top execs of Annaly Capital are resigning. Annaly is the largest residential mortgage REIT in the country. Like rats jumping from a sinking ship. Do they see a second mortgage and real estate crisis coming or possibly fraud in the banking and finance system?"

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