Sunday, February 16, 2014

When is a Reset Coming? - Part II

In the previous post we delved into the big question related to the theme of this blog. That post contains a lot of links and information if you have time to explore them. If you don't, I will offer a quicker way to get to the heart of this question and still get beyond the surface.

The previous post below refers to former Assistant US Treasurer Paul Craig Roberts and links to an interview he did last fall with former CNN reported Greg Hunter. If you only have time to listen to one interview, this is the one I would recommend to get a good in depth exploration of the prospects for a US dollar devaluation. 

Dr. Roberts offers a very deep resume and wealth of inside knowledge. While he served in the Reagan Administration, he is far from a partisan Republican. He is a deep independent thinker who does not pull punches in offering his views regardless of political party. 

He directly takes on the question of timing for a dollar crisis and explains in detail what could cause one. He admits he cannot give specific date and time for a dollar crisis, but provides you with the background information to know what can lead to one. In a later followup interview in January this year with Greg Hunter, he again said the timing is unknown but that he believes a dollar crisis is coming and could easily start in 2014.

If you take time to listen I think you will be impressed with his thoughtful analysis and detailed explanations of what can cause a dollar crisis and why he thinks it is coming. I view this as a must listen interview if you want to learn about this topic.

note to readers: I am getting some very good emails from readers (and from some sources I would not have imagined might read this blog). They are appreciated. If you have a comment that relates to our topic by all means email it to me. If you see a story that would benefit our readers that I miss, by all means send a link to it. If I think it will add to the information base here I am happy to post it. On that note, here is a great comment from a reader that is an analogy of how a currency crisis can arise very quickly even as everything seems normal:

"Blood is much like currency. Its used for transactions and flow of trade. It can go bad, and when it does, it can happen quickly with a triggering event. Something triggered the immune system in my beagle Max to no longer like his currency. He rejected and destroyed his currency. He went from perky and healthy to dead in 36 hours, and only 10 hours after identifying how quickly his body was destroying itself. The same can happen to money. "

The US has never experienced this in my lifetime (I'm a baby boomer), so this seems impossible to most people. But the US has never been in a situation like we are today as explained by Dr. Roberts in the video above.

Our mission on this blog is to provide a free source of quality information on an important topic that can potentially impact all our lives. If you feel the information is useful, please let others know we are here. There is nothing for sale here and never will be. Only a sincere effort to provide quality information and ideas on this topic.

This is why we will keep an eye out here as best we can. All extra eyes are appreciated!

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