Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bitcoin Magazine publishes Cryptocurrency Wars

Bitcoin Magazine was kind enough to publish the article just below called Cryptocurreny Wars. Here is the link.

Elizabeth Ploshay is the Manager of Communications at Bitcoin Magazine. She (and the whole staff) does a great job of helping guest writers get through the mechanics of how to publish an article there.

She is also a Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation. She does a great job as a spokesperson for them as you can see in this Youtube interview where she answers some questions about the Foundation and her role there.

I asked her for permission to provide a quote on all the wave of news related to Bitcoin like I mentioned in the article. She said she was glad to comment. Here are her thoughts:

"I see that Bitcoin is still Bitcoin despite some of the publicity recently and there are so many amazing projects underway in the Bitcoin community. I honestly have been frustrated at the weak attempts the mainstream media has made to try to (without success) detract from the success of Bitcoin. I see that there is still so much in store for this form of transaction, payment structure, platform and movement."

Thank you to Elizabeth and the whole staff at Bitcoin Magazine for helping me publish the article! I will continue to follow the role of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that may arise as we keep an eye out here for coming potential changes in the monetary system.

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