Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BitCoin Magazine Article on Global Banker Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Magazine asked if I would be willing to write an article based on the information posted on this blog about Klickex new proposed global cryptocurrency, the GSD.

Here is the link to the article they published today.

The title is A Global Bankers Cryptocurrency?

A thank you to Bitcoin Magazine for publising it.

Here is some info on Bitcoin Magazine. They are a leading publication in the field of cryptocurrencies. Naturally their readers would have interest in this topic.

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  1. Nice one.
    I'm enjoying following your site - after finding you on the Lindsey Williams one.

    Do you know if an ordinary person can buy the GSD - I can't find much on the internet........

  2. Thanks. I hope this blog will be found and used by anyone it can be helpful to.

    GSD is not in the public domain yet. We'll keep an eye out for any news that comes out on it in the future.

  3. OK - Thanks Larry

    Thanks for your good work.
    I had a nervous weekend - as I bought gold [futures] just before the close ... only to realise I'd be in trouble on Monday morning if there'd been financial disaster [which used to be good for gold...]. I buy on Fri night and sell Sunday night [GMT] with a close stop. It seemed to make sense that the reset will be ushered in as a solution to a big scare.

    But it looks like the stock market has another drop to come in a few days. That's so rare that it might be enough to get people onboard with the idea.

    Sorry to ramble all over your site! :)

  4. A hint by the attitude of the KlickEx team that they could be the contender for the new global reserve currency perhaps....
    I wrote and asked them about 'Coino' [which was the first thing to turn up relating to a search about their currency unit].
    Here's the letter for your interest [they claim not to be interested in a virtual currency though....]

    Robert Bell, Feb 05 11:24:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for getting in touch!

    Sorry about this - we've never heard of Coino before.

    Based on a very superficial check, it appears it would fall into a broad category of 'innovations' we don't intend to support due to lack of broad commercial viability and (most imprtantly) genuine utility.

    Amongst those is of course bitcoin, which has generated a series of what we believe is (after considerable study and interest) unfounded media interest and financial-crisis like self service, greed and mis-information!

    Sadly, we think there is more harm in the product lifecycle being delivered than helpfulness, and we're not supportive of harm, even (and by this, we mean "particularly") if the damage is deferred or hidden, and especially if we can see it coming, even if it is subsequent to our participation.

    Again, our apologies - it is our heartfelt mission to provide helpful, honest services at every oportunity, but not virtual currencies.

    Thank you again for reaching out, we're always looking to happily help where we can do good.

    KlickEx Support
    Consumer Advocacy,
    Group Legal & Compliance.

  5. Thanks for the comment. I have had email exchanges with Klickex as well that convince me that they are working on an important product that will will be quite different than Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. The strength of the asset backing and global institutional support would separate it to most people in my view. This is why I want to keep an eye on it going forward. It may someday have a global impact. Right now, things are early in the process.