Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jim Rickards talks about his new book - The Death of Money

This is one of the most information packed interviews I have seen by Jim Rickards in terms of his views on the future and even includes some thoughts on timing for things to unfold. Here Jim talks in detail about his new book, why he thinks the current monetary system will collapse, and then be followed by a reset that will include a much higher price for gold.

There is so much packed into this interview I can't comment on it all here. This is a must read if you have any interest in this topic (major change coming in the monetary system).

I will pick out one paragraph though and discuss it related to something we have posted about here. 

"Epoch Times: What is the analysis based on?

Mr. Rickards: It’s based on a collapse of confidence in the dollar and other forms of paper money. To restore confidence you have two means: You either flood the world with liquidity from the International Monetary Fund in the form of Special Drawing Rights [SDRs, a form of money issued by the IMF], or we return to a gold standard."

My added comments: Up until I ran onto Klickex and the GSD they are working on, I would have thought there were only two alternatives like Jim mentions here. Now I am not sure. It may be that the GSD could be something kind of in between a world flooded with fiat SDR's and a world where gold alone returns to restore confidence. The GSD is not like gold because its a digital currency. But it is more stable than a diluted SDR because it would have asset backing of some kind. 

The questions if a GSD surfaces at some point as an alternative to restore confidence are:

Will people feel it is secure and stable and be willing to trust using it?

How will its asset backing work to create confidence and trust in it?

Of course the biggest question of all is: Will it ever surface as a global alternative? 

Jim Rickards would probably dismiss the GSD since it does not exist right now. For now he would be right. It is not an alternative today. The question is, Will it be in the future? If so, there may a third option available besides just a diluted fiat SDR and a pure gold backing of some kind. This is why we have to follow that story and see where it goes over time.

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