Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Silver Doctors runs an article on Klickex and the GSD

It seems this is story that is gaining wider attention. Today an alternative news site (Silver Doctors) runs an article about Klickex  and its new cryptocurrency the GSD. This is definitely a story that should be watched over time. It's good to see it get broader attention than we can give it here on this blog.

Who knows, if this becomes what I think it may become, it may be one of the biggest financial stories of our era? And we will have more on this later as it becomes more visible. As we noted in an earlier post, this is a story that will unfold over time. I will have more to say about that in some comments about how to forecast a timeline for major monetary system changes this weekend. I can see two viable time frames and Klickex could figure into either one. 

One thing we are trying to do here is take various news items that on the surface may appear to be isolated news events and see if they can be tied together to get a bigger picture. So just keep in mind what we have already posted on this. Notice how Bitcoin suddenly seems under major attack from various mainstream sources (just like Bloomberg today). Notice how many articles keep showing up about the world needing a new "global reserve currency" not tied to any nation (and also NOT the SDR). Those are the kinds of things we will keep an eye to see if they tie together over time.

And we will also watch forecasts people make and see who is more or less credible. Just like there are two possible time frames, there are people jumping out to make predictions on time frames. Let's see who gets things right and who doesn't more of the time. That will help us decide who is worth the time to follow and who isn't. Using common sense can help a lot.

We'll discuss all that in a couple of weekend posts.

For now, it's good to see other publications with broad readership covering the story. 

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