Saturday, February 1, 2014

Time to "Push the Reset Button"

Another global entity calling for a "reset" of the world economy.

There's that word again. This time it appears in USA Today.

This blog has only been up for a month and already we have:

-Christine Lagarde (IMF) talking about a reset coming in the future

-Christine Lagarde telling the National Press Club she thinks the dollar will not be the sole reserve currency in the future

-China Daily article listing those calling for a "super currency not tied to any nation" (sounds like a reset to me)

-The founder of the World Economic Forum saying "Its time to push the reset button"

-a former US Assistant to the Treasury (Paul Craig Roberts) saying the FED has to choose between saving the dollar and the banks

-Jim Rickards releasing his new book "The Death of Money - The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System" (pretty sure this leads to a reset)

-uncovered a New Zealand company working on a new asset backed global cryptocurrency and funded by major global institutions (a system that could be used in a reset)
-the  US FED igniting currency problems all over the world with just one tapering announcement

-banks around the world limiting cash withdrawals

-reports of gigantic gold purchases by China through the Shanghai Exchange

And on top of everything else, 3 high level banking executives commit suicide. It does not look like we will have to worry about finding news to report on at this rate. Let's see how February goes.


  1. I like your blog. wihtout emotional content, just facts. That's what we need in this turbulent times.

  2. Thanks. We will try to find the best relevant news and interviews we can and archive them here. Hopefully more and more people will want to learn about this issue which is important.