Friday, November 7, 2014

Bo Polny Update 11-7-14

For the latest update from Mr. Polny go to this earlier update post and see the new update info at the bottom of the post. 

Quick summary: The break in the gold price below $1181 has not changed his big picture forecast. He explains why in this latest online audio interview posted on his website. It is also worth noting that gold rallied back up $37 today and almost closed above $1180. It will be interesting to see if gold goes back above the key $1181 price point early next week or if that becomes a resistance point.

Update 11-8-14: I got an email update from Bo Polny that had his latest comments about gold falling below the triple bottom price of $1181. In it he indicates it still does not change his big picture forecast. He added that a link to these new comments will be posted to his web site soon. When it is, I will add that link here (see link below added 11-13-14).

Here are his latest comments which he posted as an article on Silver Doctors.

Update 11-14-14 Here is the latest update (11-12-14) posted to his web site.

Added note: Gold moves back above the key $1181 level today (11-14-14).

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