Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What is Klickex Doing Lately?

Readers here know that we have followed a company in New Zealand called Klickex because they are working on cutting edge banking technology that has the potential to play a role in systemic change. We have written several posts on Klickex so we will link back to those just below for new readers that may have interest. 

So what is happening lately with Klickex? Nothing new or dramatic to report for now. Klickex is just steadily working on all the technology we have reported on here previously. Everything continues on a slow and steady path for now. We do hear from Klickex from time to time and what we can say is they stay extremely busy and literally travel the globe working on this technology. If they have major news to report, we will surely hear of it and post it here. But don't expect this to be something that happens suddenly or quickly. It's just a steady process that moves forward over time.

Below are links to several of our previous posts and one with a video presentation by Klickex Chairman Robert Bell who is a driving force behind what Klickex is working on.

This resulted in our first contact with Klickex where they politely informed us that Klickex
does not view its GSD technology as being like Bitcoin. Back then I did not realize that.
Now I understand why it is so different from Bitcoin and why the present banking system would be comfortable with it. Bitcoin Magazine picked up this original article and asked me to write one for them which is here. 

This is probably the most important update we did on this. Klickex Chairman Robert Bell reviewed this article for accuracy to make sure the facts we presented were correct. Much of what Klickex works on is technical banking technology that does not get much media attention. So this article provided the best insight we can give on how things were moving along. It was also written after we gained a much better understanding of Klickex than we had when we wrote the original articles.

Some added information due to reader response to our article.

I have said repeatedly how much respect I have for Mr. Bell. He is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. I believe he is a brilliant banking technology expert. I have said I think of him as the Steve Jobs of banking technology. His work at Klickex has the potential to play a big role in the future as to how we use and access money. It is already doing so in the South Pacific where Klickex operates now. They have helped unbanked people be able to transfer money at greatly reduced costs. Even if they need to do a currency conversion in the process of the transfer.

Mr. Bell's goals are to improve public credibility and confidence in the banking system, improve access to banking for unbanked people, and to help improve stability of the system overall. I value his insights greatly when he has time to share them because he is working inside the system and has an in depth understanding of how Central Banks work and how the banking system overall works. In my view, he is literally one of the best sources on the earth for learning how things work in the banking world. He is incredibly busy and his travel schedule is mind boggling literally spanning the globe.

This should give new readers a chance to catch up with what we have reported here on Klickex. It remains a company to watch in the future as things evolve in the global financial system in our view here.

Added note: We did get a new update earlier this week from Klickex indicating things are moving forward as planned. We might have some news later this year or early next year where we can report on all that is going on.

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