Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Have Greater Readers Here

This is a little off topic but that is OK. 

I get a fair amount of feedback from readers and I can say without reservation that we have some great readers here. Here is an example. One thing you can tell about people is how well they raise their kids. One of our readers here let me know about his daughter who a journalism student at Oklahoma University. As part of her course work this fall she was asked to write a blog. 

Below is a link to an excellent article she wrote that shows what kind of great readers we have here. When you hear that the future looks bleak, remember we have young people like this coming on who provide a lot of hope for the future. Here is the link to her blog post .  The opening paragraphs are pasted just below. Be sure to read it all!



Dad’s Day Weekend. One weekend out of the year where you see strikingly masculine banners juxtaposed against white columned sorority houses. Where dads in greek letters and strikingly crimson polos adorn their lawns. A day when a girl can walk around campus with the first man she ever loved in this world, her dad.

Because our parents love us more than any other person. Unconditionally. Even when we mark on the wall with crayon. or sharpie. Or when we yell at them in an emotionally strained, hormonal teenage argument.

In just three months of college, I have come to value my parents in a way I never have before. I have realized just how similar I am to them, in morals, in values, in outward appearance, and in ideas. I have realized just how valuable it is to have someone cook dinner or do the laundry or buy the groceries so I can eat my rather strange food combinations at 10PM. But more than that, they have taught me more than I could have ever imagined

And over the years, I’ve learned these 10 things: CLICK HERE TO READ EM