Saturday, November 29, 2014

For New Readers - What Makes this Blog Unique?

Every so often we publish a post on this blog directed to new readers. Our statistics indicate we get regular new readers here from all over the world every week. So we designed a post to explain the purpose of this blog which you can read here

In this post I will ask the reader to consider the question, What Makes this Blog Unique?

I think there are several things that make it unique which I will try to list here:

1) There are not a lot of blogs devoted to following the topic of monetary system changes and how they might impact the average person. There are tons of blogs and media that cover many of the topics discussed here. In fact, I use links to those as the basis for comments and analysis here. But this blog is specifically following events that may tie to coming major monetary system changes that could impact the lives of all of us. I think this is a very important topic that most people don't have time to keep up with because it unfolds over a long period of time.

2) I don't try to push a political agenda or my point of view. Of course I have a point of view, but here that is not what is important. Solid, credible, factual information is highly valued here. Reasonable opinions of credible and expert sources of information are valued here. A variety of reasonable opinions and views are presented in an effort to allow readers to form their opinions based on the best information I can find. At least I believe it is the best information. I try to filter it the best I can after reading 10-15 articles for every one discussed here. I try to avoid obvious sales pitches (based on fear or emotion) or agenda driven material. 

3) This blog is written for "the average person" that does not have a background in macro economics or international banking. I am an average person so it's pretty easy to look at things from that perspective for me. I try to find the best information I can to use for my own family financial decisions. Hopefully, this blog will help others in that process as well.

4) I do not derive any income of any kind from this blog. That is by design.

5) I don't rule out any reasonable point of view. At least what I think are reasonable points of view. For example, I can think of at least three possible reasonable ways to interpret the actions of elites in the global banking system. I can list those here for illustration of the point:

A) They are genuinely trying to maintain a global economy and financial system for the betterment of mankind. They do the best they can to provide stability and promote growth so that the most people possible have opportunity to make a decent living. Their motives are good and they have done a reasonably good job of providing a stable system for many years, despite some mistakes. This is what I might call the mainstream interpretation of events.

B) They are genuinely trying to maintain a global economy and financial system for the betterment of mankind. However, because they use flawed assumptions and models, they often make mistakes that are harmful to many people. They are not doing this intentionally, but the results are still harmful to many people. This is somewhat how Jim Rickards tends to interpret events as I understand his view.

C) They are not genuinely concerned about the betterment of mankind first and foremost. Instead they are primarily concerned with acquiring power and wealth. Their motives are selfish at best. They will do whatever it takes to perpetuate the system because they are the prime beneficiaries of it and they don't really care what happens to the average person so long as they retain personal wealth and power. This we might call a conspiracy view.

All of the above are actually possible. History tells us there have been powerful people who fit Category C above. Most likely, there are people in all three categories within the financial elites who run the system. But my goal here is not to judge people. My goal is to present the best and most credible information I can find and let readers form their own opinions. 

The main objective of this blog is to provide a public service at no cost to anyone who is interested in this topic and can use the information. It hopefully serves as a credible place to stay informed if you don't have time to chase down all this information and sift through it. In addition, all the linked posts on the right side can be used as a free archive of data and information for anyone who can use it. I will have an in depth article on this a little later this year explaining how and why this blog got started.

I think this is what makes this blog unique and hopefully worth readers time to visit and encourage others to as well.  Over 64,000 visitors now from all over the world since the blog started and we get new readers every week. I never imagined that would happen when this blog started up in January of this year. As always, a big thank you to readers from around the world!

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