Friday, November 21, 2014

Russia, China Seek to form Collective Security System

Tass reports on military cooperation between Russia and China . You can go to a direct link to this story here. Below are a few quotes from the story. Readers should read the whole article for full context. Increased military cooperation is just another move on the global chess board by the BRICS. Every move has a purpose.


Here are some quotes from the story linked above:

"Defense ministries of Russia and China seek to form a regional collective security system in the Asia-Pacific region, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Tuesday after talks with his Chinese counterpart Colonel General Chang Wanquan in Beijing."

"According to the Russian defense minister, Russia and China are concerned over US attempts to strengthen its military and political clout in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR)."
"Sergey Shoigu announced that Russia and China will hold joint naval drills in the Pacific and in the Mediterranean in 2015."

"Shoigu said strengthening and expanding ties with China remains Russia’s overriding priority.
“Amid a highly volatile world situation, it becomes particularly important to strengthen reliable good-neighbourly relations between our countries,” Shoigu said at talks with his Chinese counterpart General Chang Wanquan."

“This is not only an important factor for security of states but also a contribution to peace and stability on the Eurasian continent and beyond,” he said, adding that “regular private meetings between the leaders of Russia and China give a powerful impetus to development of bilateral partnership”.

My added commnents:

The public displays of cooperation between Russia and China are designed to counter US and western influence. Imagine it like a chess match where both sides move pieces around in an effort to gain advantage. Russia tends to present a more aggressive image while China a more laid back one. Both have an intended purpose.

At the recent G20 Summit Russian leader Vladimir Putin managed to project both images at the same summit. We called it Gunboat and Koala Bear diplomacy  :)

Added note:   Here is similar BRICSPost article on this same topic.

Added note: Russia-China Cooperation Expanding 

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