Friday, September 9, 2016

Jim Rickards: Two Videos - One Message

Below are two videos that feature Jim Rickards and his overall forecast for the coming years. The first is a recent interview where he gives his overall view of where he thinks things are headed which is unchanged from his previous forecast. Below that is a second video that is a very creative animated summary of Jim's ideas.


There will be a "War on Gold"

Jim Rickards - Book Summary (Animated Video)

My added comments: At this point the biggest question people have is - When will all this happen? Jim always answers this by saying no one can know the timing and that it can happen at any time very soon or take years. This is consistent with what we report here. 

The conditions for a crisis do exist because there are various stresses on the present system that are capable of triggering one (debt, derivatives, global imbalances, etc). However, absent such a crisis, the kind of change Jim talks about (and we watch for here) can take years or even decades because the organizations who initiate the changes move very slowly absent a crisis.

This is not as exciting for many people as headlines that constantly scream a crisis will happen on a date certain (I have seen many of these come and go over the past few years). But it is the truth as best we can discern here and what we will continue to report unless new information comes along.

added note: 9-15-16 - Jim Rickards latest webinar -talks G20, gold and SDRs

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