Monday, September 26, 2016

Nomi Prins Interview on China, SDRs, and Gold

Recently Nomi Prins did this interview with King World News. Nomi is the author of All the President's Bankers and often appears in interviews on various mainstream and alterntive media sites. In addition she works with Jim Rickards on his Strategic Intelligence newsletter. You can listen to her full interview here.

Topics Covered in this interview include:

- Her recent visit to China 

- Her visit to Brazil during the change of power there

- Comments on the inclusion of the Yuan into the SDR currency basket

- Comments on whether gold might be added to the SDR currency basket

- Her thoughts on where the gold market is headed short and medium term

- Her thoughts on when we may see a crisis unfold in the present monetary system

Added note: A reader here sent me this link and suggested it is a worthwhile interview to go with this one by Nomi Prins:

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