Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jim Rickards interview on The Death of Money

Here is an excellent Jim Rickards interview where he outlines the main points of his new book "The Death of Money".  The interview starts off with Jim providing some background on his resume. It establishes why he is in a somewhat unique position to write and talk about this topic.

Here is basic outline of the interview:

You’ll hear about:

  • Why a collapse of the international monetary system is coming
  • Why it will be bigger than last time, and bigger than central banks
  • Why he thinks the Fed can’t print their way out of the next crisis
may added comments:

Jim also mentions some interesting things he knows from his personal contacts such as a member of the US FED admitting to him that if the FED had to mark its assets to true market value it would already be insolvent today. Of course he adds that they do not have to mark these assets to market, but the admission is still interesting.

This interview speaks directly to the topic we follow here so we recommend listenting to it.


Here is another similar interview  that adds a few points that Rickards just did with Mike Maloney. If you listen to both you will get a pretty good overview. Rickards will be doing a lot of interviews now to promote his new book "The Death of Money" so we will keep track of them to see if he adds any new information. 

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