Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ukraine - It's Complicated

Whenever things like what is going on in the Ukraine start happening, it becomes impossible (at least for us) to really know what is going on. Is this for real? Are sides just bluffing? Who is really behind the unrest that started the whole thing? Are there hidden agendas? The questions go on and on. And unfortunately we really have no way to find out the truth of the answers.

I am going to list just some of the complicating factors involved in the Ukraine with some bullet points. Then a few added comments. Here are things we know:

-something triggered the protest that started this whole mess. Some say it was an internal revolt of the people (most mainstream media). Some say it was a US/EU funded uprising (Paul Craig Roberts) to try and move the Ukraine towards the EU. Some say Russia is either behind it or is happy it happened so they can use it as an excuse to move into Crimea more forcefully (some US politicians and talking heads interviewed by media)

-the Ukraine is a divided country, part of it leans towards the EU and part of it leans toward Russia (a fact accepted by most everyone)

-a key gas pipeline runs through the Ukraine from Russia to the EU. Germany is a major purchaser of this gas (a simple fact)

-Russia maintains a key naval base in the Crimea, a strategic military asset (another fact)

-Russia has national interests in the Ukraine, Syria, and Iran. Increasingly these interests seem to be in conflict with the US and the EU (an observation most would agree with)

-nations use their intelligence agencies to spread disinformation whenever situations like this arise. That means you cannot possibly know which media reports are honest reporting and which are spin issued from intelligence agencies seeking to influence public opinion (something never mentioned in media, but we know is true by common sense)

-we know there is already somewhat of a global competition/conflict economically as regards the BRIC nations and the West. Recall all the articles we have posted here about how they want more say at the IMF but cannot get it due to US veto power (easy to establish fact)

-the BRIC nations led by China (but also Russia) have been working on a plan B to bypass the US dollar dominated global monetary system. They are reducing exposure to the US dollar and bonds while buying up gold and other tangible assets around the world (easy to establish fact)

Ok, got all that?  Now explain to me for sure what is really going on in the Ukraine.

A simple internal revolt of the people as reported in most media that has spun out of control?

Chess moves by the West and East in the global competition/conflict over the world monetary system? 


Not related to that at all?

A move by Putin/Russia to consolidate power and attempt to add the Crimea to Russia? Or intimidate the Ukraine away from the EU?


Is Russia/Putin just trying to protect its national security from a destabilizing covert operation led by US/Western intelligence agencies? Were these agencies trying to offset growing power in the global financial system by the BRIC nations? 

Another question: How will all this impact the Middle East? Syria? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Will the petrodollar deal between the US and the Saudis survive all this?

Like we said, It's complicated. If you are sure you have all the correct answers, Congratulations.

On this blog, we will just admit we have no way of knowing what the truth really is. All we can do is hope this does not lead to war and misery for the innocent people who get caught up in these things. And that it doesn't somehow escalate into a super power confrontation.  

We'll keep an eye on it because it could impact monetary system change. But we cannot possibly tell you why its happening or who is really behind it.


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  2. great post. funny how even after reading about chile and vietnam and iran and panama etc it still never occurred to me that the ukrainian protests could have been funded by the USA