Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rickards speaks at The World Bank on the Death of Money

Here is the video of his presentation at the World Bank regarding his new book, The Death of Money.

While Jim Rickards has presented his views on this many times recently, he adds some history and quite a bit of detail in this talk. Perhaps as interesting as anything he says is the concept of the World Bank inviting him to talk about the coming collapse of the International Monetary system.

Here on this blog we obviously cover this topic constantly because our whole point here is to watch for any signs of major monetary system change. But it seems a little surreal that things have come to the point where Jim Rickards is invited to speak at the World Bank on why the global monetary system will eventually collapse and the rules will have to be rewritten.

Not that long ago it would seem absurd for anyone to talk about this and be taken seriously by the existing financial establishment. But here we are.

Just another example of why we must keep watch here. We have to take the idea seriously given all the mountain of evidence that keep piling up suggesting some kind of major change is coming.

When it comes and how it will unfold are unknowns. But it is clearly taken much more seriously now even within the existing financial establishment. If and when it comes, it will impact everyone in some way. Change might come quickly or slowly. It might come within the IMF or outside the IMF (from the BRIC nations).

We really have no choice but to keep watching. We will continue to do that here as best we can. 

Addendum 5-16-14:  

In the very last part of this video during the Q&A session, a woman from Africa asks Rickards if he would comment on "the gobal currency reset". (see the top of our blog)

Rickards answer:

I expect a reset to involve the IMF SDR or a gold backed SDR. It was interesting that Rickards knew exactly what the lady meant when she asked about a "global currency reset".

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